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“I have come to sow the seed of love in your hearts”   – Avatar Meher Baba
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For submissions and correspondence in India:
Malladi Krishnanand, Godavari gardens,  Plot 32 J.J.Nagar Colony, Yapral
Secunderabad – 500087
Phone: 040-27860079, 09959553218

For submissions and correspondence in USA:
Meher B. Dasika, 4025 Chadwicke Ct, Carpentersville, IL 60110 meher@srimeherbaba.com

Our main goal is to spread Baba's word among all his
lovers who can speak and read Telugu only. The Koti
Meher Center, Esamia Bazar, Hyderabad publish this
journal monthly. We will post a Telugu monthly
magazine 'Meher Baba' on this site. Please click on the
link to access the monthly 'Meher Baba' magazine.

We are entering 16th year in May 2016 !!!
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